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Do you want to reduce the operational costs of your bus fleet? Or maybe you want to remotely check the condition of your fleet's tires. Better yet, maybe you want to improve customer satisfaction by reducing on-road failures. At EnGenius we developed transit solutions in the form of modern fleet vehicle tracking, maintenance and diagnostics, vehicle use, and fleet efficiency. The system monitored vehicle subsystems while en route and uploaded the data to the facility maintenance system.

EnGenius Inovative Solutions


The EnGenius SmartTransit® system is an RF gateway between the vehicle and the facility host computer. SmartTransit supports several RF communications links that provide both short-range (in facility) and long-range (on-the-road) contact with dispatch and maintenance operations.


In a major transit operation, the system:

  • Monitored the bus’s engine, transmission, ABS, and other vehicle network devices.
  • Monitored customer specified parameters.
  • Provided a flight recorder for the vehicle systems.
  • Connected to the passenger count system.
  • Reported maintenance issues to operations and maintenance.
  • Reported the bus parking location.

SmartTransit® is based on our MultiCom RF. It connects to the on-vehicle network and other subsystems through integral analog and digital I/O, through the EnGenius Digital I/O Expansion module, and through add-on communication protocols. solutions


Compressed Natural Gas Monitoring System

EnGenius Inovative Solutions


The CNG monitoring system was developed as an enhancement to the SmartTransit system to provide continuous monitoring of the bus’s CNG leak detectors.




The enhancement:

  • Controlled the CNG fuel values on facility entry/exit
  • Reported detected leaks to the operation and maintenance
  • Logged the bus facility entry/exit

On leak detection the system reported:

  • Bus location.
  • Identified the bus with a flashing light.
  • Notified the facility CNG monitoring system


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