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DV & PV Testing

DV and PV testing requires continuous and intermittent powered operation of the module during an environmental chamber profile. During operation the module needs the appropriate sensor data stream, network messages, and analog and digital inputs to ensure that the module is in its normal operating state. During testing the module must be continuously monitored for proper operation by comparing network messages and analog and digital outputs against their expected contents, values, and timing to determine if the module is operating properly. Multiple modules can be tested in parallel with the fidelity of single module testing.

EnGenius has provided both the multi-up test station hardware as well as the test application software to exercise the module and capture test results.

Manufacturing End-Of-Line (EOL) Testing

EOL testing of complex electronic control modules has changed over the years from a quick I/O test to more comprehensive process that includes a brief functional test in a simulated vehicle environment. This requires sensor data streams, network messages, and digital/analog I/O put the module in the desired operating states and analyzes the output for correct operation. Additionally, a test fixture that automates connection to the module may be necessary, including operator injury protection.

EnGenius has provided both the multi-up test station hardware as well as the test application software to exercise the module and capture test results.

EnGenius supplied EOL test stations for electronic modules that automatically engage the module to ensure a correct connection to the test station and ensure that the module test completes before release from the fixture.

Vehicle Communications

In-vehicle networks form the backbone of the modern car, truck, and bus. Each vehicle can have several different networks – CAN/CANFD, LIN, MOST, LIN, FlexRay, and Automotive Ethernet – supporting different vehicle functions.

EnGenius has been active in vehicle communications since its inception, supporting the transportation industry with network interface adapters, compliance testing, network-based test applications and participation in SAE committees and task forces. Our engineers have provided Windows and embedded applications that combine data sources from multiple off-the-shelf network interfaces to meet customer requirements.

Software Development

The EnGenius software engineers have years of experience developing both Windows®, web, and embedded real-time OS applications to meet our customer’s needs.

Projects have included web-based test vehicle scheduling, Windows-based automotive audio calibration over CAN, and extraction of time-stamped video frames and CAN message data from combined data files for a multi-camera vehicle lane sense application.

We support both off-site and on-site time-and-materials and fixed-price services.

Test Planning and Design

Design Verification and Product Validation are the end-goal of test planning and design; the essence of the test planning and design activity is the decomposition of system requirements into a comprehensive set of test-cases and expected test-results. These test-cases are then executed either manually or automated using a toll-set such as EnGeniusTEST or other off-the-shelf tools. The EnGenius engineering team has provided this service for vehicle diagnostics, module software validation, and compliance testing.

Quality Assurance

An effective quality assurance process requires close attention to every stage of a project – from customer needs to system requirements to hardware and software requirements to design to test cases and test results. A key aspects of a successful quality process are tracing requirement artifacts between the definition and development steps and recording defects discovered in walkthoughs and their resolution. An off-the-self requirements management tool – commercial or open-source – is key to an efficient process.

Our engineers can work with a customer specified requirements management toolset or recommend a toolset that will support an effective quality assurance process.

Hardware Development

Our network interface hardware products are designed and developed in-house. When a customer’s project requires a customized hardware solution, our engineers are adept at combining off-the-shelf single-board microcontrollers with custom carrier boards that support the needed network and analog/digital I/O interfaces. This hardware is combined with our core embedded and host application framework to achieve the customer’s project goals.

Systems Integration

The integration of several component sub-systems into a functioning whole that can deliver the intended functionality is a difficult undertaking that can be fraught with difficult to incorporate data interfaces.

EnGenius is experienced in the system integration of a complex set of sub-systems into a functioning system. An example is a vehicle End-Of-Line test system that integrated relational database, vehicle build contents application, plant wireless networking, data collection (e.g., vehicle chassis rolls), reports, repair bay, and vehicle gate release sub-systems.

Agile/Scrum Methodologies

The Agile Methodology and Scrum Process is an effective incremental development process that accelerates the development process with short overlapping requirements, design, implementation, test, and release of functional checkpoints in the project. The short “sprints” reveals issues with the requirements, design, and implementation early in the project when the cost-of-change is at its lowest.

EnGenius software engineers have participated in Agile/Scrum projects as diverse as Lithium-Ion battery and vehicle diagnostics software development, including the position of ScrumMaster.