and Core Competencies

Capabilities and Core Competencies

The Capabilities and Core Competencies of EnGenius are broad and deep, drawing on over four decades of providing personnel, services, and products to automotive OEMs and Tier suppliers worldwide.

Real-Time Embedded Software Development

Our software engineers have decades of experience in the development of real-time embedded software applications from on-site and off-site module firmware development to in-house firmware for our family of vehicle network interface hardware. Their projects used several off-the-shelf RT operating systems and custom implementations on low-cost microcontrollers.

Diagnostic Test Systems

For over 30 years, EnGenius engineers have been important members of OEM and Tier-1 diagnostic system development teams, providing software design and development, validation testing, and network hardware.

Validation Test Systems

EnGenius has over 20 years of experience developing manufacturing validation test system software, test stations, and test cases and deploying these systems in manufacturing facilities worldwide. Additionally, our engineers have been performed for software validation of automotive modules including, remote unlock, driver information, and seat controller modules.

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering has been a consistent activity at EnGenius for the past 40 years. Our engineers have defined system, software, and hardware requirements for customer software applications, internal product hardware and software, and tier supplier automotive modules.

Lithium-Ion Battery Requirements Definition, Firmware Development, and Validation Testing

Our engineers have been integral members of several LIB system projects defining system and software requirements, software development, and validation testing. These included cell-tower battery backup, auxiliary equipment power, grid-level storage, and automotive low-voltage systems.

EnGenius engineers have developed high complexity large-scale PC applications and websites deployed in automotive assembly plants world-wide using SQL, XML, C++, and Oracle’s Relational Database. In addition, custom engineering support applications including automotive audio amplifier calibration and custom data acquisition and analysis.

Vehicle Networking

Vehicle networking has been a consistent component of the capabilities and core competencies of EnGenius since our inception. Nearly every project our engineers have participated in, vehicle networking has been a key component encompassing diagnostics, validation, module firmware, and our vehicle network interface products. EnGenius engineers are members of several SAE Committees and Task Forces.


EnGenius software engineers have years of experience developing customer software using the Agile methodology and Scrum development process, from team member to Scrum Master.