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You want to reduce the number of repeat repairs on your customer's vehicles. You want your technicians to work with the most sophisticated, high-tech equipment available. You want to provide your customers with a vehicle whose systems have been thoroughly tested. Whatever field you are in, you strive for perfection — and so do we. Our team of highly qualified software engineers has extensive experience in complete system development. We have considerable knowledge of and experience in the automotive industry. We have a complete line of sophisticated communication products, including our vehicle interface adapters with networking capabilities. The result: a fully proven, technologically advanced diagnostic/test solution created just for you.

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Vehicle Diagnostic System

EnGenius Inovative Solutions The Service Bay Diagnostic System® (SBDS®) is an advanced computerized information and diagnostic system used to provide guided automotive repair technology. This system was designed and developed by a team of suppliers to help Ford Motor Company reduce its vehicle warranty repair costs and help its dealerships fix their customers cars "right the first time." EnGenius worked closely with Hewlett Packard, the hardware supplier, and contributed greatly to the development and release of the SBDS product to Ford Motor Company dealerships. EnGenius was responsible for the management, development, and release of all SBDS diagnostic software.

Vehicle Assembly Test System

EnGenius Inovative Solutions The Vehicle Assembly Test System was an automated computer-based diagnostic and test system installed in over 25 vehicle assembly plants throughout the world. The system supported: data and calibration engineering, remote monitoring, remote access, web-based reporting, and network diagnostics. The system included peripherals such as barcode scanners, overhead marquis displays, and transponder readers. Vehicle modules could be configured using a hand-held PC-based computer with an RF spread spectrum radio transceiver allowing the system to be mobile within the assembly process and adapt to fluid assembly related issues. Major benefits of the system include detecting assembly faults, identifying component failures, complying with state and federal regulations, increasing quality, decreasing warranty costs, and decreasing turnaround time for component engineering. In addition, the Vehicle Assembly Test System could reprogram vehicle embedded controllers reducing inventory and cost using RFDC and the MultiCom vehicle network interface product family.

Vehicle Calibration System: CALVIN

EnGenius Inovative Solutions CALVIN was jointly developed by Ford Motor Company, Texas Micro, Inc., and EnGenius to perform calibrations on engine controller software. The task of calibrating engine control software involves changing data used by the algorithms that execute in engine controllers to provide optimal performance for a vehicle/powertrain. By investigating and setting literally thousands of variables in the engine control software, the calibrators find the proper balance between performance, fuel economy, and emissions. Calibrators also verify the performance of the vehicle in all operating environments, from extreme heat to extreme cold and high altitude.



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