A Versatile Visual Tool that Promotes Rapid Development and Deployment of TestStand Sequences

  • Intuitive Graphical Editor
  • Simple Flowcharting Paradigm
  • Interactive Run Time
  • Full Graphical Debugging
  • Shorter Test Development Time
  • Higher Test Throughput
  • More Efficient Process
  • Proven Technology

Sequence Author supports:

  • Sequence Development: Create, modify and debug TestStand sequences using flow-charting symbols.
  • Simultaneous Execution: Execute and/or debug multiple sequences concurrently.
  • Sequence Documentation: Test engineers, regardless of skill set, can easily review and understand the operation of a sequence.

Debugging Capabilities

Sequence Author provides a powerful debugging environment with features that include tracing, breakpoints, conditional breakpoints, single stepping and watch expressions.

Sequence Management

  • Integrated configuration management and version control
  • Export native TestStand sequences that can be executed directly from NI’s IDE

Base Platform Features

  • Easily creates TestStand sequences using a drag and drop graphical user interface
  • Supports access to TestStand engine features such as reporting, step profiling, and step results.
  • Supports editing steps and step types.
  • Supports editing locals, parameters, file globals, and station globals.
  • Supports calling sequences dynamically.
  • Supports creation of step catalogs that visually represents TestStand steps.
  • Supports graphical debugging of sequence execution, including tracing, breakpoints, single stepping, and watch expressions.
  • Provides access to TestStand Tools.
  • Provides access to TestStand configuration tools.
  • Allows data to be passed to and from a test and its components
  • Integrates with the user-friendly configuration module

Optional Components

Expand the capabilities of the Sequence Author with these optional software components:

  • Hardware Management
  • Access to Digital I/O data
  • Access to Analog I/O data
  • Access to VPS data
  • UI Display Management
  • Access to standard Windows components (list boxes, prompts, etc.)
  • Access to bitmap displays
  • Vehicle Network Message Management
  • Test Data and History Interface
  • XML or ODBC

Other Available Tool

  • Data Viewer
  • Playback
  • Data Monitor
  • Web Reporting

 SequenceAuthor Data Sheet (pdf)

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