The vehicle assembly test system is an automated computer-based diagnostic and test system that is installed in over 25 vehicle assembly plants throughout the world. This systems' components handle such tasks as data and calibration engineering, remote monitoring, remote access, web-based reporting, and network diagnostics. The system currently supports more than ten major hardware platforms, each supporting a host of varying peripherals ranging from barcode scanners to overhead marquis displays to transponder readers. Some of the supported hardware platforms are configured using a hand-held PC-based computer with an RF spread spectrum radio transceiver. This allows the system to be mobile within the assembly process and adapt to fluid assembly related issues. Some major benefits of the system include detecting assembly faults, identifying component failures, complying with state and federal regulations, increasing quality, decreasing warranty costs, and increasing turn around time on component engineering. The vehicle assembly test system also has the capability to "Flash Reprogram" vehicle embedded controllers based on in-plant identification criteria. The reprogramming capability reduces inventory, reduces cost, and increases assembly proficiency. This application uses RFDC and the vehicle network interface capabilities of the MultiCom product family.

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