A Versatile Tool Suite that Promotes Rapid Development and Deployment of Tests for Electronic Modules and Systems



Up until now, the process of designing tests and simulations for modules/systems involved many months of strategic planning and testing by teams of highly skilled engineers and software developers. EnGeniusTEST has altered that process. You can now quickly, easily, and cost-effectively translate your ideas into a working specification.

The EnGeniusTEST tool suite lets you simplify a complex process. EnGenius's software allows you to develop an executable specification to test a component's functionality. You can then run the spec, debug it, and modify it to suit your needs, while sitting at your workstation. It even lets you create simulations of components that don't currently exist.

With EnGeniusTEST, the possibilities for simulating, testing, validating, and diagnosing a system, module, or component are virtually limitless. EnGenius's software enables you to easily explore variations of specifications, tests, and simulations as well as rapidly modify tests and configurations.

The EnGeniusTEST environment is a versatile tool that can be used during the entire lifecycle of a product: from development through manufacturing to customer service. In addition, the EnGeniusTEST tool suite is scaleable: the same tool set can be adapted to a wide range of systems, from the simple to the complex.

EnGeniusTEST is powered by NI TestStand®


  • Module development
  • Module simulation
  • Product validation
  • Manufacturing test
  • Diagnostics


  • Saves time
  • Creates executable specification
  • Scaleable
  • Supports all makes, all models
  • Integrated product suite
  • Life-cycle reusability

 EnGeniusTEST Data Sheet (pdf)

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